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John F. Emerson,

Attorney at Law

Emerson Law, LLC focuses solely on two areas: employment law and school law. As an employment lawyer, I protect employees, and former employees, against discrimination, improper pay practices, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination.  I assist those who need accommodations for disabilities, or to take leave due to illness, or for other reasons.  I also advise individuals who are negotiating contracts or severance agreements.  As a school lawyer, I serve students facing disciplinary action, students with special needs, students who have been denied the benefits of public education because of illegal discrimination, and those who face other school-related challenges.

School Law

Backed by nine years of experience as the attorney for the Charleston County School District, I help students get the educational opportunities they deserve.  

About John F. Emerson

I have served as General Counsel of the Charleston County School District, and I currently hold a certification as a specialist in Employment and Labor Law.

Employment Law

I advise and advocate for employees who have experienced workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, improper pay practices, and more.


“Mr. Emerson is a very proficient and dedicated attorney. From day one, he surpassed the level of motivation and expectations I anticipated for my legal case. Mr. Emerson is a man of great integrity, and he will go the extra mile to do everything he possibly can to deliver the results you deserve. I will definitely utilize his services again!”

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